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LASC Member Mondays are our monthly large group meet up for songwriters and creatives. We meet at our HQ in Chinatown at 7pm the first Monday of the month to connect as a community of songwriters. We have an industry professional speak and work on writing songs together but the main goal is to build a community. These events are for our members!  Sign up to be a member at these events!


LASC Pro – Cycle 9

Begins Monday, March 9th

LASC PRO is a six-week program dedicated to giving you the knowledge, resources, and tools to write and produce more music! We encourage you to make this course your own and make it work for you… whatever that looks like. You might want to workshop one song (or several) throughout the program or set up writing sessions with fellow students outside of our Monday nights. Our LASC team is here to encourage you and help you get to the next level.

Sign up here!


LASC Women’s Event


Sat Oct. 5th from 10am-1pm in Chinatown/DTLA

The 2nd LAS(she) event to empower and bring closer together the female creators within our community!

$25 non-members $15 members





LASC Super Monday

Monday 09/23/19,  7pm – Chinatown DTLA

Super Monday is an incredible one-night event where LASC gets together to build community and learn together. On September 23, 2019 each attendee will experience three powerful, practical, and community building sessions. See descriptions of each session you will experience that night below:

1) How to get unstuck What do you do when you find yourself stuck or at a crossroads? There are so many things to consider as you build your career in music. In this workshop, we’ll help you break through the things that are holding you back and help you get un-stuck!

2) Co-writing & Collaboration In this group, we’ll go over the basics of co-writing and how you can be the most effective collaborator before jumping into some hands-on practice be sure to bring a notebook & pen. An acoustic guitar is optional.

3) Tech Talk for the Bedroom Songwriter An open conversation about the process of recording your own music at home, the equipment and software typically used, and any other tech-related question.

Price $40

Member price $30